Semah BenAli

Semah BenAli

Cybersecurity Student - CTF Player @Fword

National Institute of Applied Science and Techonology


I am Semah Ben Ali, Tunisian cybersecurity enthusiast, co-founder and leader of Fword Team, an international CTF team ranked 2nd nationally and among top 50 worldwide. I also manage all the cybersecurity-related activities within the National Cybersecurity Association SecuriNets. Always curious about learning new fields, my current fields of strength cover basically cryptography and forensics. Having held multiple trainings in cybersecurity for various university students, I believe that spreading cybersecurity knowledge is a duty for every cybersecurity professional.

My Resume resume.

  • CyberSecurity
  • Cryptography
  • Forensics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Development
  • Networking and Information Security, 2022



Sep 2020 – Present Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a Sandboxing Tools
  • Malware Analysis
Jul 2020 – Sep 2020 Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a penetration testing platform
  • Setting up Linux machines for penetration testing
  • Deploying the platform and the machines
Technical Director
Sep 2019 – Present Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in CTF organization including task making
  • Setting up the infrastructure for the CTFs
  • Supervising a Custom Malware Devlopment
  • Managing the technical team and preparing workshops
CTF Player
Jan 2018 – Present Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Learned alot about Cybersecurity
  • Enhanced my skills in Cryptography and Digital Forensics
  • Learned more about Penetration Testing


AtHack Challenge Creator.
Being part of the authors team, helped in delivering Cryptography and Digital Forensics Challenges.
1st place CSAW MENA(Middle East North Africa) 2020 (10/2020)
Achieved 1st place in CSAW MENA 2020 CTF(Middle East North Africa) after 48h long competition
Arab Security Cyber Wargames Championship Finalist.
Qualified to the finals which taking place in Egypt after 48h long competition and more than 500 participated teams.
3rd Place TT CTF
Achieved 3rd place in Local competition organized by National Operator Tunisie Telecom